GEKO - geologia, ekologia, konsulting
GEKO - geologia, ekologia, konsulting
GEKO - geologia
GEKO - ekologia
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GEKO (Geology)

Our long-term practice and knowledge gained while performing various studies on the Polish territory allows us to offer you s wide range of services connected with hydrogeology and engineering geology. We can do shallow boreholes for recognising water – soil conditions, as well as deep wells used for constructing underground water intakes.

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In our work we also use geophysical methods.


Hydrogeology and water economy:


Our basic offer is related underground as well as with quantifying the size of water resources. We are projecting and boring wells and we are taking care of the formal-legal side of the investment ( works projects, hydrogeologic documents.


We propose services in the domains:

  • Projecting, supervising, and documenting works in order to ascertain available and exploitable groundwater sources,
  • Projecting and accustoming to monitor local and regional environment,
  • Building and eliminating groundwater intakes – deep wells,
  • Developing documentation for setting security spheres for reservoirs and groundwater intakes,
  • Mathematic modelling water resources, hydrogeologic processes or setting protective spheres ground and surface water intakes,
  • Projecting safety and reclamation systems for groundwater and soils.

We provide complex realisation of the above mentioned services with obtaining essential authorisations, opinions and decisions of  departments.



Engineering geology and geotechnics:


We project and carry out field works, laboratory like and private for planning civil engineering. Results of our works are in geological-engineering or geotechnic documentation, made for the realisation of investments various types: all kind of industrial and service objects, housing, road and railway communication lines, pipelines and sewage systems, waste landfills and sewage farms, hydro building objects.

We offer  services in the domain of:

  • Developing projects, geologic-engineering documentation,
  • Making geotechnics
  • Supervision geotechnics and quality controlling of diggings

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