GEKO - geologia, ekologia, konsulting
GEKO - geologia, ekologia, konsulting
GEKO - geologia
GEKO - ekologia
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Welcome to GEKO ( Geology, Ecology, Consulting)     

  GEKO ( Geology, Ecology, Consulting)

“GeKo – Wroclaw” is a company which provides services in the field of nature protection, geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology. We offer consulting in the political and engineering environmental sphere. Our executions are based on the rich experience of our workers and people with whom we constantly cooperate.  Our clients, the from local authority administration sector and state, industry, as well as individual clients are offered complex projecting services and  concerning the whole investing process in the scope of protecting the environment, water economy, management deposits.
We offer services in the following domains:

  • Geology and water economy,
  • Monitoring quality underground and surface water, soils, air,
  • Engineering geology and geotechnics and drilling,
  • Planning in the  protection of the environment ,
  • Opinion about ventures influence on the environment,
  • Economy of wastes.


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  GEKO - geologia   GEKO - ekologia   GEKO - konsulting  
  GEKO - geologia   GEKO - ekologia   GEKO - konsulting  

Our basic offer is related to connect with water intakes as well as with the quantification  size of water resources. We also execute geological–engineering services in future terrestrial and hydro- investments.


Our firm accomplishes tasks broad term of protecting of the environment. We offer our clients help with solving any problems connected with the environment (air, water, soil, waste economy).


Clients from the public sector as well as individual clients  are offered professional advices in complex realisation of environmental projects.







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